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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice to Guests and FAQs

Last updated: 16/04/2021

We are now open!

If you have an upcoming break with us, please read the information below carefully. If you have any questions after reading the advice, please get in touch.

On 12th April 2021, in line with the Government’s plan for the easing on lockdown, we were delighted to open our doors to guests. We are so very excited to welcome you back!

Reception is now manned for telephone calls on a Monday (9am – 5pm), Tuesday (9am – 1pm), Wednesday (9am – 1pm), Thursday (9am – 5pm), Friday (9am and 5pm) and Saturday (9am – 1pm) – you can catch us on 01271 890052. Outside of these times, please keep all correspondence to email (bookings@sauntonbeachvillas.co.uk)

We’re “Good to Go”!

We’re delighted to announce that we have achieved the industry-standard Good to Go’ certification from VisitEngland!
Acquiring this Industry Standard mark means that our business has followed government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, has a Risk Assessment in place, and a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing. It gives you, our guests, the confidence and reassurance that clear processes are in place and that as a business we are good to go.

For our international guests, we have the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travel stamp. The WTTC stamp enables travellers to recognise destinations around the world which have adopted global standardised protocols – so they can experience “Safe Travels”.

We're Good to Go - Saunton Beach Villas | Visit England | COVID Safe Self Catering AccommodationSafe Travels Stamp - Saunton Beach Villas | Visit England | COVID Safe Self Catering Accommodation






The advice below is based on the guidance we have received from the Government and industry bodies at the time of writing. Therefore this information may, for a short while, be inaccurate if further Government updates are released. Advice given here may change in line with industry updates and does not replace Government advice on personal travel and other restrictions. Please always check the www.gov.uk website for further information.

Are you now open?

Yes! We were delighted to open our doors to guests on 12th April 2021, in line with Stage 2 of the Government’s Roadmap.

In the instance that the National Lockdown is extended and the Villas have to remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will offer you a rebooking, store credit, or a refund (please see below for more information).

What happens if my break is cancelled due to the National Lockdown?

If your booking was affected by lockdown, you should now have had an email from us outlining your options. You have the choice to;

Please note: These options are only available to guests whose breaks are affected by the current National Lockdown (prior to 12th April 2021). We are not able to move, credit or refund breaks for any other reason. 

Travel Insurance

As per our booking terms and conditions, and especially given that the Coronavirus pandemic is now a ‘recognised risk’, we strongly advise that you take out full travel insurance to cover you for all risks, including Coronavirus related matters (ie. illness, self-isolation, hospitalisation, local lockdown travel restrictions and so on). 

Whilst we would like to be able to cover all COVID related cancellations, our business insurance simply does not cover it – these risks must be insured by the customer. There are many policies on the market now that can be purchased by the consumer – we do not sell, nor are we allowed to recommend, policies or providers – please do your own research.

We will provide you with a rebooking, store credit or refund (as detailed in full above) in the instance that our site has to remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, with Coronavirus now a ‘recognised risk’, there are instances that the CMA has recognised that we, as a business, should not reasonably have to take on behalf of our guests. Guests must ensure that they take out adequate insurance cover for their trip to protect themselves against Coronavirus risks, such as (but not limited to): local/regional lockdowns, self-isolation of the lead booker, self-isolation of a household member, illness, hospitalisation, and so on. 

We do not sell travel insurance, nor do we take a commission when customers book insurance through third parties. If you are yet to book travel insurance for your trip, it is well worth shopping around; travel insurance providers are changing their policies daily, particularly in regards to Coronavirus cover. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered for their trip.

We no longer offer our Cancellation Policy as there are so many other products on the market which offer a higher level of protection at a competitive cost. If you have an existing booking that includes the Cancellation Policy, it will still be honoured for valid claims. Our Cancellation Policy isn’t the same as full travel insurance, please check the wording.

It is also worth noting that credit card chargebacks do not offer the same protection as travel insurance.

Do I need to pay my balance as normal?

Balances for all bookings are due 8 weeks before check-in. To secure your booking, we do ask that all balances are paid as normal, please.

Can I cancel my booking?

If your break has to be cancelled due to our site being closed, we will contact you shortly after the Government announcement that confirms your break will be affected. 

If you decide you’d like to cancel your break for any other reason, or before it is confirmed by the Government that we cannot open/you are unable to travel, our standard cancellation terms and liquidated damages will apply. 

Our standard terms and conditions apply to all bookings. You can find that information here: https://www.sauntonbeachvillas.co.uk/booking-terms/

What happens if the Rule of 6 impacts my booking?

As a self-catering holiday site, our breaks are booked per Villa and not per person, with the lead booker responsible for their party members. If one or more of the chosen party members is unable to attend, this is not something that warrants a change to the booking as our contract has not been changed.

We do recognise that this is a difficult situation for those who had holiday plans with mixed households, however, this is not something that are able to provide cover for.

What if I develop Coronavirus symptoms or get told I must self-isolate whilst I’m staying on site?

In this situation, you must inform us straight away if you or any of your party has symptoms. You are expected to return to your own home immediately to self isolate. If you are unable to return home safely, please inform us and then call 111 for advice. If you do need to remain in the property to self-isolate, we will charge for your extended stay, extra cleaning, and any extra additional costs incurred by your stay. Your personal travel insurance may cover these costs – please check your policy wording.

If you need to cut your stay short, we are unable to refund the part of your stay that you have been unable to fulfil. You may be able to claim on your own travel insurance.

2021 is filling up quickly!

2021 is now filling up very quickly due to the fact that breaks cancelled in 2020 have been moved to 2021 BUT we are pleased to say that 2022 is now live to book now!

With this in mind, if you have a particular date or Villa for which you have a preference, we would recommend that you book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. Breaks booked more than 8 weeks in advance can be secured with a 25% deposit.

What happens if the UK goes back into a Tier System and you cannot open the Villas?

The Prime Minister has announced that the UK will not be going back into a tier system and that the relaxations of the rules will apply to the country as a whole.

If at a later date, the UK goes back into a Tier System and Devon remains in a tier in which we have to close, we will contact all guests affected by the closure. In this instance, you will have the opportunity to:

What happens if the UK goes back into a Tier System and I cannot travel?

Once we are open and able to provide accommodation, it is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered by travel insurance for any circumstances that may arise that would prevent them from travelling to us, or making use of the Villa(s) booked. Such risks include illness or accident (including Coronavirus); missed flights or trains or car breakdowns; regional lockdown travel restrictions, the requirement to serve on a jury; work commitments and so on. Please make sure that you take out travel insurance for your trip. 

Please note: Due to the fact that our breaks are booked per Villa and not per person, the Villa party is the responsibility of the lead booker. Our contract is with the lead booker only.


If you have questions after reading the above, please email bookings@sauntonbeachvillas.co.uk and we will be happy to answer your queries.


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