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Braunton Burrows Dog Walking Guide

Braunton Burrows Dog Walkers Guidance from Christie Estates

  • Please keep your dog on a lead around livestock and under close control at all times (however if threatened by cows, advice from the Countryside Code is to let go of the lead).
  • Please remove all dog waste. It poses a risk to wildlife and grazing animals and also affects soil biodiversity. Dog waste can be placed in ‘general’ bins at Saunton.
  • Please close all gates. Calves can escape through kissing gates, causing distress to mothers if separated.
  • Please be aware of potential military training activity in zones 2 and 3 including the use of vehicles and pyrotechnics. Do no touch or move any military debris.
  • Know your zone! There are info maps at entry points throughout the Burrows and there will always be at least one zone that’s cattle free. For the most up to date info on livestock status, check the official Facebook page (brauntonburrowsinfo).
  • Spot an issue? Please provide a What3words app reference and email brauntonburrows@gmail.com

A guide to the Burrows zones

Zone 1

Area extends from Saunton Beach car park to Sandy Lane car park. Access is from both car parks. From Sandy Lane turn right at the main gate (Dog Lane) and follow the path to the first kissing gate. Pass through zone 2 in the direction of the beach until you reach the perimeter fence *note in zone 2, please keep your dog on a lead).

Zone 2

Area extends from Sandy Lane car park, south to J Lane (the sandy track which leads off to the beach from the American Road). Note the fencing that segregates zones 2 and 3 is on your left if you are walking to the beach along J Lane. Access is from Sandy Lane car park.

Zone 3

Area extends from Broadsands car park (at Crow Point via the Toll Road), north to J Lane. Note the fencing that segregates zone 3 from Crow Point is on your right if you are ake the boardwalk to the beach. Access is (north) from Broadsands car park and (south) from Sandy Lane car park, via the American Road.

Braunton Burrows is right on the doorstep! Guests can access Zone 1 from two footpaths located at the top and bottom of the car park.

Braunton Burrows is privately owned by Christie Estates and managed in conjunction with Natural England. The Estate welcomes members of the public to make use of the area but asks that users respect this right by following a few simple guidelines. The Burrows is at the core of the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve and holds a Special Area of Conservation status. It needs careful management to allow this abundant flora and fauna to flourish. This is achieved through a variety of measures, from a programme of mechanised scrub clearance to land management through grazing and even authorised use of military vehicles to churn up pathways and brush.

We all know that dogs walks make great companions and that walking your dog is one of life’s simple pleasure. However, dog walkers need to remember that the Burrows is a managed environment and grazing Introduction livestock play a vital role, as recognised by Natural England. Information regarding the zones currently being grazed is displayed on information boards in the main car parks serving the Burrows – Sandy Lane, Saunton Beach and Broadsands (Crow Point).


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