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Saunton Beach Villas Accessibility Guide

We regret that we are unable to advertise our accommodation as ‘accessible’, however, we are often able to cater for wheelchair users with the ability to transfer. If you have accessibility requirements, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

In 2022, we launched our new Accessible Bungalow – a fully accessible adapted bungalow in Braunton. Please click here for more information.

We have compiled an Accessibility Guide which gives a detailed report of the level of accessibility that we currently achieve on site here at the Villas.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call us on 01271 890052 and we will be happy to help!

Saunton Beach Car Park and Facilities Accessibility Guide

Landeez Wheelchairs and NOMAD All-Terrain Wheelchairs

Saunton Beach shop has three Landeez beach wheelchairs and two NOMAD all terrain wheelchair carriages for hire, allowing wheelchair users easy access to the beach and the shallows of the sea.

Easy to use and operate, it is available for hire on a half day, daily or weekly basis to suit your requirements. Advance booking is available and recommended during the summer period and school holidays. Suitable for adults and children alike, it really is a superb facility that we are proud to be able to offer and has completely changed our customers’ holiday experience. For bookings please contact Saunton Sands Beach Shop on (01271) 890771.

The beach shop sells clothing, beachwear, beach items such as windbreaks and sunscreen, and toys and souvenirs. It is accessed via the same concrete ramp from the car park (see below) next to the beach access as Saunton Break Café. The shop has level entry over a flat concrete surface, through two side by side single width doors.

Car Parking

The car park surface starts as tarmac from the entrance barrier, running downhill towards the restaurant /surf shop building. There is a drainage channel crossing the car park at the end of the tarmac, beyond which the surface is packed gravel and sand. We have included a photo of the car park surface below.

The main area of the car park is hard packed but uneven gravel and sand. Parking spaces are divided by raised, white painted wooden markers. There are 7 designated and signed disabled parking spaces, on the tarmac area near the car park entrance barrier. Once these car park spaces are full, every effort will be made by the car park attendants to find an alternative space that is suited to your requirements.

Access to the Beach

The beach is accessed via a sand covered concrete ramp (see image below), approximately 25m (80ft) in length.

At the end of the concrete ramp there is a lip (see image below), leading onto the soft sand of the beach.Ccrossing the ‘band’ of soft sand at the top of the beach, the surface becomes hard packed sand, which may be wet or dry depending on the tide.

Saunton has an 8.5m tidal fall; given the very gentle slope of the beach, this means that at low tide the sea can retreat a very long way from the shore, leaving a wide expanse of flat sandy beach

Other Amenities

There are a number of other amenities on site. These premises are not owned or run by Saunton Beach Enterprises and we are not responsible for their accessibility, however we have included a description of them here for your convenience.

They are listed in the order you will encounter them as you head towards the beach, and described as viewed if heading in that direction.

Beachside Grill Restaurant

The Beachside Grill Restaurant is on the first floor, above the Surfed Out Surf Shop. The entrance is on the far right hand side of the building. The restaurant can be accessed either via stairs or via a wheelchair accessible lift.

Surfed Out Surf Shop

Surfed out Surf Shop provides surf clothing, surf equipment and surfboards for sale or hire. The shop can be accessed via level step free entry from the car park; the entrance is on the left hand side of the building.

Public Toilets and Showers

The public toilets and showers can be access either via a level, approx. 1.5m (5ft) wide paved path running down the left hand side of Surfed Out Surf Shop, or via steps directly in front of the toilets and showers. There are male and female toilet facilities, unisex open air showers, and two disabled toilets, accessible via the RADAR national key scheme (also known as NKS)..

Walking on Waves Surf School

Walking on Waves surf school offers surfing lessons at various levels of ability. It is located in a wooden structure in the car park, to the left of the beach access. Walking on Waves is accessed via a single step entry, approximately 300mm (12”) high.

Saunton Break Café

Saunton Break Café serves a range of hot and cold food, drinks, and ice creams. It is accessed via a concrete ramp from the car park next to the beach access, approximately 4m (13ft) wide.
The Café serves via both a serving hatch directly to customers outdoors, and to customers indoors at tables, accessed via a set of double doors with an approximately 200mm (8”) entry lip.

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